Let’s face it. Being a soccer fan in America is weird. Being a soccer fan in Central Florida is even weirder. In 1994, the World Cup graced the turf in the Citrus Bowl with the likes of Ireland, El-Tri, Dennis Bergkamp’s Netherlands side all contesting matches off of Church Street. From that summer until 2011, Central Floridians could only count on quickly folding teams such as the Orlando Sundogs, indoor’s Orlando Sharks, or the old incarnation of the Orlando Lions to deliver anything resembling top level, live soccer. Then in 2011, Phil Rawlins and Adrian Heath rolled into town with a vision, profound knowledge of the game, and a firm conviction that they would not fail. By the end of 2011 Orlando was home to the US Soccer’s third largest professional division’s champions. By 2013 they had repeated the feat and been awarded an MLS franchise. Just 8 months later Orlando became the new home of the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year, Kaka. Two and a half months into the 2015 MLS season and Orlando boasted an average home attendance for its professional soccer team which equaled the average home attendance for Juventus F.C., the 10th richest club in the world, record holders for most Italian league championships, and finalist in the 2015 Champions League final, soccer’s most prestigious professional club match.


          This is a podcast for any and every Orlando City fan. It is for 15 year Premier League diehards who can name Manchester United’s un-used subs from the 2002 title decider vs Arsenal at Old Trafford. It is for dads finding themselves being dragged to the Citrus Bowl by their purple clad wives and kids who can’t explain the offside rule. It is for hardcore USMNT supporters who haven’t missed a Gold Cup match since they watched Brad Davis put away Panama in the 2005 final.  It is for 20-somethings who have played since they were a kid, love the game, but can honestly count on 2 hands the number of professional games they have watched live or on TV. It is for the Ruckus and ILF faithful and even for the eurosnobs who love to discuss the intricacies of things like “catenaccio”, “the modern holding midfielder”, and “the merits of playing with a false nine” . Our goal is to passionately and accurately follow Orlando City’s progress week by week, season by season, through the ups and inevitable downs with a bit of comedic relief and always a sense that you are listening to a chat amongst good friends. Please subscribe, follow us, email-us, wave to us at the stadium, contact us in any way as we would love to include more and more of you in our own strange journey with our beloved Orlando City Lions.